Managed Service

🚀 Dreaming of flawless IT performance, optimal server management, and perfectly mastered cloud infrastructure? Look no further! Elektron is here to bring your digital ambitions to life.

✅ Premium Managed Services
Our dedicated team of experts ensures the efficiency of your infrastructure day and night. Benefit from proactive monitoring, regular updates, and unparalleled technical support, keeping your systems at the forefront of performance.

🌐 Simplified Cloud and Server Management
Managing your cloud infrastructure and servers has never been smoother. Elektron offers seamless integration, cost optimization, and tailored flexibility to meet your evolving needs.

🛠️ Seamless Integration of Digital Services
Stay at the forefront of innovation with our expertise in integrating digital services. Enjoy a seamless convergence of technologies for an optimal user experience and increased business impact.

✨ Why Choose Elektron?
At Elektron, we turn digital challenges into opportunities. Our commitment to excellence, sharp expertise, and passion for innovation make us the ideal partner for your business. With Elektron, you get more than managed services; you get a vision for the future.

🤝 Join Our Digital Family
Don't hesitate and choose efficiency and performance with Elektron. Elevate your business to new digital heights. Contact us today and discover how our managed services can propel your success.

Improve business transformation with the leading Elektron experts

Let us help you build collaborative, 
high-velocity teams using leading Agile methods and tools. Elektron leads the way in dedicated consulting services across the globe.

Telecom Managed Service & Consulting

The solution Includes :jtendo Intelligent Network Platform (supporting CS/IMS/VoLTE/VoWiFi/5G) based on inSOA or JSLEE and jAPPS – 40+ business services such as RTS: Real time Charging suite, UCC: Unified Communications & Cooperation (VPBX), LOW: Low Balance Assistance, VPN, 0700/0800, and many more 

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A2P Voice monetization

As businesses look for cost-effective alternatives, OTTs have launched flash 
call authentication (A2P Voice) and are supported by major CPaaS aggregators/actors. Although MNOs currently lack the technological capabilities to control flash calls, our Elektron solution offers the possibility of blocking or fully monetizing this traffic, creating a new revenue stream.

Number as a Service or SIP

With Cloud Communication, you can choose between Number as a Service and SIP trunking, putting your services at the forefront of the telecommunications industry. With Number as a service, you can forward your calls to anywhere in the world, and SIP trunking provides inbound and outbound access to services vo

SMS solutions

We offer top-quality A2P SMS packages at competitive prices. Thanks to our consolidated global network, we transmit messages anywhere in the world, backed by our promise of quality and superior technical skills.